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The Prisons is the third arm of the Criminal Justice System after the Police and Courts.  The Nigerian Prisons Service is under the supervision and control of the The Ministry of the Interior and the Civil Defence, Immigration and Prisons Board.  

The conventional convict prisons are for the remand of both the convicted and awaiting trial inmates.  There are two major types of convict prisons operational in Nigeria today.  These are the Maximum and the Medium Security Prisons.  The Maximum Security Prisons take into custody all classes of prisoners including condemned convicts; lifers, long term prisoners etc. Even so, we have an unofficial classification of these Maximum Security Prisons in terms of heightened security. This explains why a high risk prisoner could be sent to one Maximum Security Prison as against another.

The Medium Security Prison on the other hand also takes into custody both remand inmates and convicts.  However, short term convicts constitute the bulk of the inmates that should ordinarily be found  in the Medium Prisons.

The Satellite Prisons can be described as intermediate prisons camps set up mainly in areas with courts that are far from the main prisons.  They serve the purpose of providing Remand Centers especially for those whose cases are going on in courts within the areas.  When convicted, long term prisoners could be moved to appropriate convict prisons to service their terms.

The Farm Centers are Agricultural Prison Camps set up primarily to train inmates in Agro-based vocations so that when they discharge they will have Agro-based skills to depend upon.  The convicts are expected in addition to be taught to appreciate the dignity of labour.  The Farm Centers are large mechanized farms that are located in the food-producing areas of the different geopolitical regions of the country

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